Who We Are

"An Australian owned Digital Transformation company that provides sovereign capability to a range of industry sectors"

Our unique name takes its roots from two Greek words: Syn, meaning ‘together or united’, and Optic, meaning ‘visible’.

Thus, Xynoptik (synoptic) is thought of as analogous to ‘comprehensive’ - that is, integrating multiple sub-elements and information sets to provide an extensive, interdisciplinary and big picture view.

Our industry experience, global expertise and use of advanced Industry 4.0 technologies provides our clients with a unique capability to aggregate data, diagnose behaviors, and analyse trends, patterns and root causes.

Using our immersive and interactive visualisations, clients are able to use our solutions to reduce risks, optimise asset utilisation and make informed decisions across strategic, operational and tactical levels.

Our differentiating Factor

Why Choose Us


We consistently bring strategic thinking, collaboration and a partnership-centered approach to all our relationships


Our employees are the brains, heart and muscle of Xynoptik, and we therefore hire, nurture and retain the best talent


We deploy deep thinking, creativity and cross-functional approaches that are holistic and innovative in nature


We are passionate, professional, committed and excellence driven in providing meaningful societal solutions


Our authentic commitment and tenacity towards continuous improvement enables us to develop enduring trust


We recognise that our decisions have social impacts, hence we act fairly and morally upright in all our affairs

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