Strategic Advisory

Holistic range of strategic and advisory services tailored to your specific requirements

Digital Transformation

Design, build and integrate Industry 4.0 capabilities that digitally transform organisations

Data Democratisation

End-to-end data lifecycle management that drives a data-centric culture

Our Approach

How Xynoptik Works?

We deploy a vast range of agile methodologies, tools, techniques and best practice using a three-phased approach to ensure success.


Discovery and Analysis Phase

Aimed at framing the problem and identifying the requirements and opportunities to achieve organisational goals and benefits realisation.

Design, Build and Deployment Phase

Focuses on the architectural solution design, systems integration, process mapping, workflow automation, product development and deployment.

Adoption and Sustainment Phase

Centered on end-user adoption, upskilling, development of knowledge and information content and communication of benefits in alignment to transformation objectives.

Industry 4.0

Our Data Capabilities

Big Data

Reduce the cost of storing, processing, and analysing volumes of diverse data to optimise your offering

Ai / Machine Learning

Reduce human error, increase efficiency and provide automated digital assistance to transform organisations securely

Data Analytics

Interpretation of hidden patterns, correlations and trends to predict outcomes, enhance quality and minimise cost

Deep Learning

Use of text, audio and imagery to build predictive models using Neural Networks that achieve accuracy and precision

Internet Of Things

Use of data producing devices, machines and objects to enable real-time analysis, monitoring and automation

Data Visualisation

Smart interactive dashboards that identify relationships, patterns and insights for real-time informed decision-making

Our Technology Stack

Who We Are

"An Australian owned Digital Transformation company that provides sovereign capability to a range of industry sectors"

Our unique name takes its roots from two Greek words: Syn, meaning ‘together or united’, and Optic, meaning ‘visible’.

Thus, Xynoptik (synoptic) is thought of as analogous to ‘comprehensive’ - that is, integrating multiple sub-elements and information sets to provide an extensive, interdisciplinary and big picture view.

Our industry experience, global expertise and use of advanced Industry 4.0 technologies provides our clients with a unique capability to aggregate data, diagnose behaviors, and analyse trends, patterns and root causes.

Using our immersive and interactive visualisations, clients are able to use our solutions to reduce risks, optimise asset utilisation and make informed decisions across strategic, operational and tactical levels.

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